The Importance of Orthodontics

What is Orthodontics?

Established as a formal specialty in 1901, Orthodontics is focused on correcting improper tooth and jaw positioning. Orthodontists complete dental school and receive two additional years of training to become a licensed specialist.

Why is Orthodontics Necessary?

While Orthodontics is most notably recognized for providing patients with more aesthetically pleasing smiles, Orthodontics is also important for oral health. The core issues that lead to orthodontic work can lead to more serious dental problems. Some examples include:

1. Crooked and crowded teeth are difficult to clean and as a result can lead to decay and cavities more rapidly and frequently if not corrected.
2. Abnormal alignment can cause teeth to harshly wear enamel away, leading to tooth decay. It can also cause problem with chewing and unnecessary stress on bone and gum tissue.
3. Teeth grinding is often caused by one or more of the common orthodontic problems treated. Grinding teeth also wear away enamel and leads to early tooth decay.
4. Common dental problems caused by failing to have teeth aligned properly include breathing problems, gum disease and inflammation, bone loss, tooth decay, cavities, speech problems, headaches, sleep issues, and chipped teeth.

Orthodontics Is Life-Changing

After patients complete treatment with Dr. B. Tyler Robison, they walk away with a new smile and fresh sense of confidence. Having a great smile can enhance a person’s self-image in so many positive ways. However, as outlined, the attractive smile is only one reason to consider seeking treatment. Oral health is very important and influences overall health.